“Hand Portrait”



Ecstatic right now! I have managed to get another assignment completed. This one I was dreading……as hands are not something I would happily draw. However, even though this was the most challenging assignments I have had so far…..I actually DID enjoy working on this piece.


Refraction – An Optical Illusion

Refraction – here is the main part to my second assignment. Our teacher asked us to half fill a glass with water and place a metal spoon in the glass. We then needed to place it in front of a light source to examine the illusion of what looked like a bent spoon in a glass of water. Refraction – An Optical Illusion!



The main part of my assignment was to submit something I had done in the past or something new. Our teacher asked us to send in a piece of artwork that inspired us. I chose the Dr. because ever since I could draw I really wanted to draw portraits. This one was achieved by entirely using stipple technique with a mechanical pencil and no eraser.


Shape Compositon

Recently in January I enrolled in an Illustration and Drawing Course. One of the tasks I was given as part of my first assignment entailed creating a Shape Composition. I gathered a set square, protractor, compass and other various shapes I could find. Overlapping, tracing around – I began putting together a piece of work that in the end steered from the original subject. Knowing that the result was not a Shape Composition anymore but resembled something closer to a Zentangle, I started over. The result is pleasing.